we draw designs


  • ventilation and air conditioning installations
  • central heating installations
  • compressed air installations
  • water and sewage systems and networks
  • gas installations and networks
  • installations and heat networks
  • boiler rooms and heat distribution centers
  • industrial boiler houses
  • air filtration and purification, deodorization
  • building smoke exhaust systems
  • pneumatic transport in the wood and paper industry
  • dedusting in the wood industry
  • household sewage treatment plants


  • hospitals and health care centres
  • pharmaceutical and R&D laboratories and others
  • swimming pools
  • sports and entertainment arenas
  • public facilities
  • catering and hotel facilities
  • industrial facilities
  • school facilities
  • commercial facilities
  • others


we provide maintenance services of


we advise


  • consultations and guidance of investors at the initial stage of the investment
  • estimating investment costs
  • advice on the evaluation of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems
  • calculating the real costs of operating systems
  • selection of the optimal technical solution
  • expert opinions and technical opinions in the field of sanitary installations